Facebook Gold Room: 360 degree bullet-time at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil

Photo credits: Blackegg

That is probably the most impressive installation we've had the chance to work with. Our cameras travalled to Rio not long ago during the Olympic Games for a project with Facebook. 

We've shot thousands of people during 3 weeks, making this our longest activation so far. The biggest difference on that event was that our cameras were triggered by an external system (the lighting gurus at Playmodes). We setup with them an api system where they would send us camera settings preset calls (to balance with the changes of light condition), and camera trigger signals as part of the one minute animation.

Check out the video below or the full post by our friends at Black Egg for all details.

Concept, Design, Architecture, Fabrication, Production, Software: Black Egg
Lighting Design & Animation: Playmodes
Multi-camera bullet-time system (hardware + software): Eric Pare Studio / Xangle
Our team: Jeremy Lloubes (on site), Laurent Siroen, Matthias Thomas Lamotte (remote)

Eric Pare