Montréal - Headquarter

4001 Berri, suite #202
Montréal, QC, Canada, H2L 4H2



I did my first bullet-time event in 2011. I had no experience but I was a photographer / programmer which was exactly what was needed to do this task. I had three weeks to build the system from scratch. It was a 21 cameras event at a football tailgate in Québec City with Chevrolet. The pressure was high, but we made it and I totally got hooked. Fast forward years later, I now own over 200 cameras, and with my partners, I have access to over a thousand cameras and dozens of qualified technicians on all continents. I continue to push my team to develop the system for my art projects, and this helps to insure extremely accurate triggering and lightning fast processing of the images

- Eric Paré,  


What's next?

We're currently having a lot of fun with 3d scanning (photogrammetry), and both technologies are currently being mixed for various projects. We're also building tiny rigs for rental, quick operations or even for sale. You'll hear more about in the following months on our instagram or youtube channel


The Team

Because nothing gets done without a solid team!

Canada: Kim Henry, Christian Dion, Laurent Siroën, Valentin Lecorps, Andres De La Rosa, Eric Paré, Guillermo Castellanos, Abraham Mercado, Édith Cardinal

USA: Sasha Busko-Piñero, Efren Herrera 

China: Hans Uitdenhouwen