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Living in 360 since 2011

Hey I'm glad you're here! I've been thinking about making this website for a while. You'll find here a nice wrap up of the crazy adventure with 360 degree photography we'll been living on for the past seven years. I won't update too often here, but check out our Instagram or youtube where we post our latest creations and what our clients and partners are coming up with! 

instagram.com/thexangle   ///   youtube.com/ericpare

In any case, you can always reach me by email at info@ericpare.com to talk with me about your cool next project!

Eric Paré <3


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Live events

From 6 to 132 cameras, we come to your event with our staff and equipment. We do all kind of bullet-time photobooth activations, but our most popular are by far the light-painting ones. All videos are ready to share within a few seconds


Studio productions

Music videos, film sequences, advertising? Come to our studios to produce your wildest bullet-time projects .


Software & Support

We power up most of the high-end bullet-time agencies with clients on all continents. Xangle Camera Server is a set of softwares that allows the complete steps for multi-camera work .